Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eden Friends with Benefits Program

Warning:  This is an adult-only post.  Links may take you to pictures that are potentially inappropriate or offensive to some readers.

Do you like to get special deals on products that make you feel great and pampered as a woman?  Or maybe you are looking for something to spice up your "bedroom" life.  Though I am not married, I was, and I can remember that sometimes things became very mechanical in that area.  Maybe you are just interested in getting deals that you can use to buy special gifts for your female friends as we enter bridal shower season.

I have written about Eden Fantasys before, and I am sure the majority of you have read countless posts about it if you have been a member of the blogosphere for any length of time.  Eden Fantasys is a shop that has everything from sex toys to lotions to lingerie.  And the best thing about it is that you can shop from the comfort of your home.  And they ship your order very discreetly.  No one ever has to know that you shopped at a "sex shop."  You don't have to worry about running into someone you know while shopping at one of "those shops"!

Eden Fantasys has products at a very reasonable price, but they have a special program for those of you who would like to save even more money and be alerted to special deals on the site.  It is called Eden Friends with Benefits Program.   And it is has to be one of the easiest programs ever to join.  All  you need to do is like Eden Fantasys on facebook, and you become a member of this program.   You are eligible to get all sorts of discounts.  And sometimes, you can even get deeper discounts by sharing some of these deals with your friends.  Eden Fantasys always makes you aware of these deals, and they make it easy by putting a little share button on the site for you.  You have to have pop-ups enabled on their site, and when you click share, your discount will be added to your cart!  When you check out, you will click on "check my discount," and your discount will be reflected in your cart.  It couldn't be easier!

I love the fact that Eden Friends with Benefits does not require you to sign up for a promotional e-mail newsletter or jump through several hoops to get a discount.  I get so tired of companies requiring you to do several things to get your discount.  When I have to spend a good half hour or more looking for coupons and trying to find out what the company requires, I sometimes just decide that my discount is not worth all the trouble.  More than once, I have abandoned a cart full of things after trying to make discounts work that just would not!  I think these companies could learn from Eden Fantasys and make their savings programs less complicated.

Eden Fantasys was one of the first company pages I liked on facebook, and I am so glad I did.  I have always been satisfied with my orders from Eden Fantasys, and their Eden Friends with Benefits Program makes the experience even sweeter.  I'm an Eden Friend.  Are you?

Become an Eden Friend with Benefits:

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