Thursday, March 21, 2013

"John's Gospel" by Lee Harmon Blog Tour Promo

I have a really good excuse for why I have not reviewed this book yet.  The book only arrived today!  But it will get reviewed.  But today, I am promoting it.

The Bible You Don’t KnowAuthor Lee Harmon says you’ll never read the Bible the same way again
MINNEAPOLIS - The Bible is not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all book. But, neither is Christianity.
Author and Bible scholar Lee Harmon learned this the hard way, having jettisoned the religious strictures of an overconservative Christian fellowship. Raised in a fundamentalistic atmosphere, Harmon later came to understand that no religious belief is absolutely ‘right’ or ‘wrong.' Rather, each of our beliefs is formed through our unique life experiences and is therefore valid through our own eyes.
In his upcoming book, John’s Gospel: The Way It Happened (March 2013), Harmon applies this concept to one of the most quoted, but often misunderstood, books of the Bible.
For anyone who thinks the Book of John is a difficult read, Harmon makes it accessible. He examines the book through the eyes of John himself. By masterfully combining fact with fiction, he paints a more complete picture of events in the New Testament.
“Liberal or conservative, this book will whet your appetite and entice you to take another look at the mysterious Gospel of John,” says Mark Townsend, author ofJesus Through Pagan Eyes.
While people often interpret the Bible with a clinical, isolated approach, Harmon reminds readers that the Bible was written by real men, struggling through real life, facing real conflict. Seeing the Bible as a living, breathing story, it becomes more than just words on a page. Harmon invites readers to experience the Bible the way they were meant to—through the eyes of the men who wrote it—and interprets it in a way that spiritually inspires and reveals the universal humanitarian philosophies espoused by Jesus.
As a child, Harmon’s strict religious home taught that Christianity is the only way to God—and that his particular sect was the only right Christianity. But as an adult, Harmon teaches that God speaks to us all differently. In John’s Gospel, he examines how God spoke to John, sharing new insight into the Bible that everyone can appreciate.
"Question everything you thought you knew about God and Christianity. Evolve as a person. Be entertained by a centuries old adventure," he says.
LEE HARMON  ( lives near the Twin Cities in Lino Lakes , Minn. , where he enjoys a career as an author, historical Jesus scholar, and Christian blogger. He is also the author of Revelation: The Way it Happened. Learn more at
If you read this promo, you might be concerned about me, but don't be.  I do like to read things sometimes that challenge my beliefs, and I look for this to be one of those books.  I am comfortable reading books from other religions and perspectives.  I often find that doing so strengthens what I believe.  So look for a review in the near future!

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  1. I just happened to be browsing and noticed this promo from several days ago. Thanks so much!


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