Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Day in History March 30, 2005


Yet another story I should remember but don't.  On this date in 2005, Terri Schiavo died in hospice care after having her feeding tube removed for the second time.  This was a huge case where the government and family were very involved, and right-to-die was the main issue here.  Four years earlier, her tube had been removed at the request of her husband, but it was replaced just days later.

I read through a lot about this case, and I will leave the links for you to read.  Evidently, back in 1990, she had suffered some kind of collapse, and oxygen had been cut off to her brain for some time.  This meant severe brain damage, and following her death, it was confirmed that no therapy would have been able to help this.  Her husband and her family were at odds about this.  The religious community was up in arms, and it was a big case (that I don't even remember).

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