Saturday, March 2, 2013

This Day in History March 2, 1127


Today, we go far back into history for our featured person--Charles I, Count of Flanders.  He was born the only son of three children to King Canute IV (Saint Canute) and Adela of Flanders.  He was the Danish prince, and his father was assassinated in 1086.  At that point, Charles was only three (or five, not sure which).  He grew up in the court of his uncle and grandfather.  His cousin ( who was childless), named him successor, and that came to pass after his cousin's death in 1119.

Charles I was a lover of peace during his reign.  He very much respected priests and religion.  He tried to put an end to weapons being used by his subjects by enacting the "Truce of God."  He was very much sympathetic to the poor by donating clothing and walking barefoot.  He also worked very hard to do what he felt was right during the terrible famine of 1125.

Unfortunately, the poor, unsuspecting Charles I had no idea how many people were against him.  On March 2, 1127, he went to the church of Saint-Donatien as was his custom.  He was kneeling in prayer, and a group of knights entered the church and hacked him to Charles I to death with broadswords.  And so Charles I became a martyr, and these same knights who had assassinated him were arrested and tortured to death.

For more information:,_Count_of_Flanders


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