Friday, April 19, 2013

ICE BlackBox IPhone App Review-Sponsored

Bullying is a fact of life for our kids in this day and age.  I have a 9-year-old daughter who was bullied for the first three years of her elementary school life.  In fact, she was sexually harassed hen she was in second grade by a boy in the sixth grade.  Thankfully, the school and I worked in cooperation to end this bullying, and all has been well for her.  But I fear the worst is yet to come as she continues on in her school years.  I am a substitute teacher who sees bullying on a fairly regular basis.  It seems that no matter what we as adults do to stop bullying, it still happens!  I hate that our kids have to go through such things.

I was pleased to be asked to review the ICE BlackBox IPhone App.  They did provide me with compensation in monetary and free product form, but all opinions are 100 percent mine.  They only wanted an honest review, and to the best of my ability, that is what I shall do.

When you see the statistics concerning bullying, it can be overwhelming.  Every day, there are 160,000 students who skip school because they are afraid of being bullied.  And then when you add sexual assault into the mix, it is estimated that every two minutes, this happens to someone in America.  Every fifteen minutes, there is a woman somewhere in America who is beaten by her husband.  And what about jail time for offenders?  Ninety-seven percent of rapists will never even spend one day in jail!

ICE BlackBox is a new way to defend victims against this kind of abuse.  Whether it involves rapists, bullies, strangers, sexual predators, or any other kind of potential crime, this new app will put a face on the potential attacker.  The beauty of this app is that if you or your child believes that the attack is going to happen, they can launch the app and point it at the attacker and say, "I have you on ICE."  Then the app will capture video, audio, and GPS information.  The beauty of this app is that it doesn't save the information to the phone.  This could be potentially erased or lost if the attacker were to get a hold of the phone.  Instead, this valuable information is saved to ICE's secure vault.  The victim and anyone in the victim's contact list can access the files.  If the victim still is being threatened, there is an icon for calling 911.  When this happens, the app will dial 911 and message the victim's contacts with a link to the video and your exact GPS location.  In a court of law, this video would be admissible as evidence.  No longer is it just the victim's word against the attacker's word.  There is actual video and audio to back up the stories.

My daughter is getting older, and I know the day will come when she will be going out by herself and with her friends on a more regular basis.  She will definitely be supplied with a phone, and this app sounds like something that is not just a nice thing to have but a necessity.  In light of today's culture and the disturbing statistics, I want her to have something like this for emergency situations.  As this app continues it development process (here's hoping that there will be an android app in the future), I definitely plan to use this app in the future.  And I suppose as a single mother, I can see the benefits for me as well.

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I was sent a free product and compensated for my time in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are 100 percent mine, and I was not required to give a positive review--just an honest one.


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