Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Well, that is my mom, and she taught me practically everything I know about frugal living.  That's right.  Things were tight when we were growing up, and I often didn't have all the nicest things in the world like my friends did.  We didn't have cable TV, Atari (remember those game systems?), and all the sugar cereals that were advertised on Saturday morning cartoons.  We had an old-fashioned TV set, and we were not the first ones to get a VCR nor a fashionable car.  We went on vacation during the summer, and we always had picnic lunches and stayed in Motel 6.  We even went camping.  (Some of this was my dad's doing, but that's another story.)

I think the thing my mom taught me about frugal living was that you don't always have to have everything that is the latest trend nor the passing fad.  You don't have to be first on the block to get the new electronic gadget or be the first to have an in-home spa or anything else fancy.  There is nothing greater than spending time together as a family and waiting for the price to go down and maybe even buy something "second-hand."

I am very proud to state that I am passing this frugality my mom instilled in me to my daughter.  There she is at a great event that cost us nothing since I am a blogger (that has become my newest frugal way of living!).  She continually asks for this game or that toy or even that special thing that her best friend has.  It was just the other day that she asked me if we could get a DVD subscription service, and I told her "no."  I proceeded to give her the reasons, and she knew there was no point in fighting it.  Mom's mind was made up!  I know for a fact that the frugality that my mom instilled within me continues to this day.  I still have the mindset that if it is not necessary or too expensive, there is no reason to get it.  However, as I have gotten older, I have also discovered that quality can be just as important.  The key is quality at a good price.  

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  1. Just don't do it....

    Be a home buddy.

    Mind your business.

    Don't have friends

  2. My mom told me to trust in God. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com


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