Monday, April 22, 2013

This Day in History April 22, 1864

Longacre two cents obverse
Ever seen a two-cent piece?  I honestly didn't know there was such a thing. On this date in 1864, the first two cent piece was released with the motto "In God We Trust." This motto was new, and it was part of the U.S. Coinage Act.  But did you know that this motto was not the only one proposed?  Try "Our Trust is in God," "God Our Trust," and "God and Our Country."

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  1. I must thank you for your posts on This Day in History. I come to your site not only for giveaways but to learn about the day. Hope you continue these wonderful posts. Even without the picture it is interested.

  2. That is interesting. Thanks for sharing & for stopping by my blog. Now following you on GFC.

  3. very interesting!! i will be back to see what else you have to say about it!!


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