Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Post: How to Have a Safe, Fun and Educational School Trip with Your Students

School field trips can be rewarding, but more often than not, you get an earful off parents, because little Jimmy fell over and sprained his wrist. Unfortunately, you’re not god, and incidents will happen when you leave the classroom. But you shouldn’t let that deter you from bravely booking tickets to see a Hamlet performance or visit the Science museum. Everyone benefits from an informative day outside of the classroom.

Reign In Challenging Behaviour

Before the field trip goes ahead, make sure that every child is aware of your behavioural expectations. Level with them. Children respond well to being treated maturely; not patronised because of their age. Treat them like brats and they’ll act accordingly.

Tell them that you hope it can be a fun day for everyone, but that you expect adult behaviour. Let them know that you’re taking a zero tolerance stance towards any disruptive attitudes and that their parents have been notified that, by allowing their child to take part on the trip, they’re responsible for picking up their kid, should their child act out. 

Once all the heavy stuff is out of the way, focus on the positive, and say that you have every faith that they’ll make you proud in public. Maintain that you think no-one will be a problem.

Kit List

Kit lists are so important. Make sure that everyone has weather-appropriate clothing, water, snacks, and backpacks to carry all the necessities. Sopping wet, cold kids really won’t enjoy themselves.

Always Enlist Help

Ideally, you’ll want help from fellow teachers and parents on this trip. They can help you keep the class in order and you can play off each other’s strengths. A fierce teacher that strikes fear into the hearts of the children is a necessary ally, as well as an empathetic soul that can deal with any emotional problems.

If you’re taking parents, sit down with them and let them know how much jurisdiction they have over the children. Tell them what to do in certain situations, so they don’t feel uncomfortable about taking control of problematic incidents. Parents should know the protocol, in the event of an emergency, and be notified of any special needs a child has in the group, whether someone is diabetic or allergic to a substance.

Set Up Buddy Teams

Before the day, draw up buddy teams, so no child (however unpopular) is left out. Keep the list to hand and make sure everyone stays together. Severely reprimand those who leave their partner alone.

Give every child your phone number, so they can contact you in an emergency or if they’ve been left behind. No matter where you plan your school trip, no-one should be wandering around by themselves.

Allow Freedom

Obviously, every field trip is unique, and an element of freedom should be granted. On the other hand, don’t allow any unacceptable behaviour on the trip, such as physical violence or swearing. Excitement is fine, but get ready to reign in exuberant behaviour before it escalates.

Where you can, tire out students by playing games in nearby parks. Get them to burn off some beans.

Composed for Knowsley Safari Experience, helping convey insightful points to people who are preparing a school trip at Knowsley Safari Park.


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