Friday, March 15, 2013

Purex Sponsor Spotlight: Honey Bunches of Oats, Soft Scrub, and Dry Idea

I have a big giveaway coming up after St. Patrick's Day that will involve Purex Insiders sponsors.  I am going to post about half of the reviews here right now in preparation.

I had the opportunity to try New Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends cereal, and it was fantastic!  I have always likes Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, but this was special.  The flavor was Mango Coconut, and it was strong enough without being too strong.  But I do like mango and coconut, so I suppose that did help. I normally have my cereal with Greek yogurt instead of milk, and I was quite pleased at the result.  I think I ate the whole box myself!  This flavor is one of twelve flavors they have, and you can feel good about giving your family something nutritious and filling.

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I also got to try Soft Scrub Total All-Purpose Cleaner.  For me, Soft Scrub brings back memories of when I was growing up and all they had was abrasive cleaners or cleaners that didn't work well.  That is, until Soft Scrub came along.  It was the wonder cleanser that was perfect for cleaning your counters and sink without scratching them.  This product is no exception.  On really tough stains (that we tend to get from our hard water in the country), it doesn't always work as well as you might like.  But for normal, everyday cleansing, this is perfect!  We used it in our kitchen, and it as good as it ever was if not better.

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And finally tonight, I would like to tell you about my experiences with Dry Idea Advanced Dry Fresh Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant.  Let me tell you that I do not normally like roll-on style deodorants.  I prefer clear solids or invisible.  But this product from Dry Idea is pretty tough to beat.  It goes on clear, and it lasts better than some of my other products that I have enjoyed for years.  I never found myself smelly with this roll-on even after a hard work-out in the gym.  It also never "bled" onto my clothing.  Once it went on my underarms, that is where it stayed.  This is probably my favorite deodorant/anti-perspirant that I have had the privilege to try.

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Be sure to come back on March 20th for a giveaway featuring these products.


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