Monday, April 15, 2013

This Day in History April 15, 1955

McDonalds Museum

I found this really interesting.  I had no idea that on this date in 1955, that the very first McDonald's opened! Roy Croc was going around the country selling milkshake-making machines.  The McDonald brothers of California were running "fast food" restaurants, and Kroc was impressed.  He offered them a franchise opportunity.  He agreed to open up his own McDonald's and split the profits.  And they were in full support. So Kroc went home, and the first one opened in De Plaines, Illinois.  And on the first date, it made $366.12.  Not bad for back then.  His success was built on offering a limited menu and standardization.  I would say that this giant has continued its success in spite of health concerns and many lawsuits.  It was my daughter's favorite restaurant from the time she was a toddler through preschool and kindergarten.  In fact, there was a joke amongst us that whenever we went somewhere, she would fall asleep in the car but wake up whenever there was a McDonald's!

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  1. Wow - and bizillions of burgers later they are still our favorite fast food place. Their fries cannot be beat. Thanks for the history lesson.

  2. wow! my kids love it there i do too but my hips don't lol!!!


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