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Title: Skewered Halo
Author: Brenda Youngerman

Date Published: February 14, 2012

Skewered Halo is like no other story you have ever read! Diane Montrose wakes up one morning to find out that her entire life has been based upon lies and treachery. Everything she thought she knows… she doesn’t!

It’s bad enough that as a young girl her older sister informed Diane that she was placed on her parents’ doorstep and that she was nothing better than garbage. But when, at the age of eighteen, she finally informed her parents of the story they denied the whole thing, yet still sided with the treacherous sister. To make matters worse her sister managed to dictate everything in Diane’s life even though she didn’t know it!

Follow along as the lies, treachery and mystery surrounding Diane are uncovered….. or are they??

Skewered Halo – Excerpt (shorter version)

She slowly wound herself down the hall to the bedrooms. The first door on the right was her son’s room. Tyler had been an angel from the moment he was born. Nothing and no one could ever put out his light. Just watching his wonderment at life could crack even the hardest of shells. No one ever walked away from Tyler without a smile on their face.
When Kyle came along a year later, Tyler welcomed him with open arms, and the boys were inseparable. The room for one immediately became a room for two. Bath time became playtime. She crossed the hall to the tiny bathroom and could picture the two of them playing in the tub. Tears crept into her eyes, and she just let them fall.
She continued her journey to the next bedroom. The bed was made with a pink-ruffled spread, and there were animals waiting on the pillow. Those animals were going to have to wait for a very long time. Diane could see the tiny silhouette of her daughter drawing. “Look, Mommy, I made a pretty picture for you!” She had just smiled at her and said it was nice; she was too busy to take notice. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she went into the master bedroom and reminisced about the day they’d bought the house.
“I hate this bathroom, Gary,” she’d told him. “It’s ridiculous.”
“I know, hon, we’ll get it fixed right away,” he’d promised. That never happened.
Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, she said, “Gary Montrose! I hope you’re rotting in hell!”

Skewered HaloSkewered Halo by Brenda Youngerman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a book!  When I began reading this book, I knew very little about it except that the author was generally a good author.  I figured it would be an acceptable, normal, contemporary book.  Little did I know that it would be a book that would so capture my attention that I laid other books aside so I could finish it.  Deadlines were not important--I had to finish this book!

I am one who loves mysteries, and this one can certainly be put in that category.  But it went beyond that.  It was a thriller with a twist and turn at every angle.  About the time I thought I knew what was happening, the author would throw another turn into the plot, and I was mesmerized an often horrified.  I remember thinking about halfway through that I had to know the ending, and I also knew I probably wouldn't like the ending.  And I was right.

When I say I didn't like the ending, I don't mean it wasn't well-written or anything like that.  This book is one of the most realistic books I have had the privilege to read.  Realism is something that authors don't always write about because everyone expects a happy ending.  I am one who craves an ending that matches the book and story.  And Brenda Youngerman certainly delivers.

This book has a couple sex scenes, and it has some profanity, but I will not fault it for either.  Neither was prolific nor spoiled the book for me. I have never read a psychotic thriller, and although some details were in the book concerning certain instances, I felt that the descriptions within the book were appropriate to the style and genre of the book.  My heart still goes out to Diane.  I can't imagine having to go through the tragedies she endured.

This book is not for the faint of heart, but I think anyone who starts the book will find that it is almost impossible to put it down!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine, and I was not financially compensated.

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About the Author

Brenda Youngerman

Author Bio
Brenda Youngerman writes about stories that matter. A southern California native coming from a very large family where she never felt like she fit in. “I was the youngest member of a huge family and I never really felt like I belonged there.”
Her first novel, Private Scars, was an expose of what happens to a victim of domestic abuse when they have never been exposed to it. From the moment the first review came out Youngerman realized her calling… that of the voice of the victims.. those who don’t have the strength to speak for themselves. Since Private Scars (2006), Youngerman has published a novel a year, each one exposing another social issue that those in power choose not to discuss. “If one person is helped by one of my novels, that is a good day.”
Skewered Halo takes a look at the filth behind sibling rivalry that goes unnoticed by inattentive parents. Brenda is currently at work at her eighth and ninth novel (simultaneously). 

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Guest Post by Brenda Youngerman
A Day in my writing life?
That is a difficult subject to approach as my writing style has evolved over the years. When I started out writing – and realized that it was what I wanted to do – I used a standard computer and would lock myself in my office for three or four hours at a time. I set a goal of so many words or chapters and would not allow myself to get up prior to accomplishing that. Well, after three books I finally got a laptop and then I didn’t have to be locked in an office. I altered the plan and set aside an hour a day – after a full day of work and all the chores for the day were done – and I would write. I did not set any goals it was whatever was written was written and then I would try and set aside at least six hours on a weekend to do the same thing.
I still try to adhere to that schedule, but I find that my time has become more limited and I have tried very hard to become an active blogger as well.
Skewered Halo was without a doubt the hardest book I have ever written. I had writer’s block and had no idea where anything was going in the story. It took almost two months for that to pass. I would write something and then delete it all… When I went back to edit the whole book I was shocked at how well it had all come together considering how hard it was to create.
I am currently in the process of writing two books at one time and that has been a new challenge. Ferry Tails is a story I am publishing a half chapter at a time on my blog – every Sunday – and Cracked Cocoon is a story that has been rolling around inside my head for about two years. I find that I have to set aside specific time for each book.
I still find it invigorating to sit down in front of a computer and start to type. It is as if the characters are speaking for themselves. I am often times amazed at where the stories go. Once a book is completed I go back through it several times prior to having it professionally edited. That process takes almost as long as the writing process itself. 

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  1. Ruth,
    I am so sorry I didn't get over here the day this came out.... thank you so much for such a wonderful review...
    It is interesting how everyone is viewing the ending differently.... but yes, I do try to write about reality... and sometimes things just end.... or do they?

  2. Thanks for this awesome giveaway...

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!


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