Monday, June 11, 2012

This Day in History June 12, 1899

Yes, another weather disaster for today's feature.  This date in 1899 was the day of a great circus for the inhabitants of New Richmond, Wisconsin.  You can imagine the excitement as hundreds of visitors as well as lots of visitors were drawn to this town to view the entertainment.  The circus ended late that afternoon just about the time when the circus was over.  There was some rain and hail, but by 6 P.M., things seemed to have cleared up.

The tornado had already touched down and was heading towards New Richmond, destroying farm buildings and killing three people as it moved across the open country. There was little warning.  People were caught in the streets, and even some of those in storm cellars were pelted to death with flying bricks.

Fires broke out, and more than 500 buildings were destroyed due to the tornado and fires afterwards.  A total of 117 people were killed (114 in the village proper), and the town basically had to be rebuilt.  The storms caused anywhere from $300,000 to $600,000 in damages (but remember this was 1899). 

When I read about things like this, I am again reminded of my many blessings.  God has been good to keep me safe all these years.  But I also know that if something bad does happen, I will continue to trust Him.

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  1. Oh, how terrible. I haven't heard about this before.


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