Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Straight Talk Deals are the Most Affordable Wireless Deals in Town (Guest Post)

With the average American's average talk time and data usage getting higher and higher, savings from wireless is also becoming more and more important. The average cost of talk time and data as of the end of 2011 are $50 and $45 respectively. That's a total of an average of $95 per month. That's more than what you pay for a high speed home internet or premium television service.

If you want to make great savings on from your wireless budget without compromising its services' quality, Straight Talk should be your number one choice, especially if you consider how affordable it can be with Straight Talk coupons. First of all, Straight Talk is one of the cheapest networks across all the network carriers in the USA with its unlimited talk and data plans available for as low as $45. And with coupons, you can get deals that are as attractive as these:

1. Straight Talk SIM Card for only $14.99 + Free Shipping
2. Samsung T528G for only $99.99 + Free Shipping
3. Samsung T404G for only $89.99 + Free Shipping
4. Free Flip Phone with the LG220C Unlimited Plan Bundle
5. Nokia E5 for only $149.99 + Free Shipping
6. Samsung Galaxy Precedent for only $129.99 + Free Shipping
7. Free Shipping with any Straight Talk Phone
8. LG Optimus Black for only $329.99 + Free Shipping

If you found any of these promotions to your liking, I suggest using it immediately as the list of Straight Talk promo code changes with time.

1 comment:

  1. My daughter got the Samsung R355C Reconditioned for only $20. She loves her new phone, and we all love Straight Talk in our home.

    Danielle @ Royalegacy


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