Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Day in History June 27, 1844

I found today's feature interesting.  I have met many Mormons in my life (of course, there will be a Mormon running for president this year), but I know virtually nothing about Mormon history.  I know who Joseph Smith is, but I learned about his death this morning.

I had no idea how much "trouble" Joseph Smith and his teachings caused.  He excommunicated his closest associates who were taking exception with many of the things he was doing.  That group formed a competing church and brought all sorts of accusations against him.  They published a newspaper against him, and the newspaper was disbanded.  Real problems resulted in Joseph and his brother being placed in prison for treason against Illinois (give me a break--treason??).

On this date in 1844, a mob with blackened faces stormed the jail and killed them.  His brother was shot in the face and instantly died.  Joseph tried to defend himself, but he fled to the window.  He was shot multiple times before falling to his death.  Sadly, five men were tried for his death and acquitted.

Even though I do not subscribe to the Mormon faith, I think what was done in this case defies justice.  It is wrong in every sense of the word, and it angers me that men were acquitted in his murder.  I just don't get it! What travesty!  But as my mom commented, they would probably have been acquitted today as well.

Enough of my ranting and raving.  For more information, please check out:

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  1. this was a sad way for him to die, people have always been persecuted for following a different religion, and it still goes on today in this country and worse in foreign countries people are dying for their beliefs, and the interesting thing is most teach about peace and following a spiritual way of life. in my world we would all do good by learning about other peoples beliefs and religions a small amount to understand "god" and ourselves better


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