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Unfortunately, the education system is not what it used to be.  Funding has decreased in recent years, and classroom sizes have been on the rise.  Standardized testing has increased, and although some expectations have decreased, others have been accelerated.  All too often, teachers are either unable or unwilling to provide the needed assistance to students who are behind or don't understand the content.  And if you're like most parents, helping your child is a time-consuming venture that may be far beyond your expertise.  After all, the content of school classes has changed over the years as well.

If your child is in need of help, there is finally a quality aid out there that can make all the difference in the world.  I invite you to check out, a place where you will find the help you seek for math, science, and computer programming at the high school and college level.  This is the place where you can pinpoint exactly where you are struggling in a given course, and you get the individualized, self-paced help you need.  You will find the best teachers, and the professor of the course will personally answer every question you have.

When I was in high school, I really struggled in Physics, so I thought I would check out what this site had for this course.  I was quite pleased to discover that there was an organized list of topics that each lecture covered as you can see below.

Vincent Selhorst-Jones combines a scientific background, acting training, and years of teaching experience to help you fully comprehend concepts rather than just “plug 'n' chug” equations. Vincent is passionate about sharing his love of physics and will help you understand how a problem comes together, what it means, and why you should care. Topics cover everything in High School Physics from Motion, Force, and Energy, to Waves, Thermodynamics, and Electricity. Vincent has been teaching over 8+ years and double-majored in Mathematics and Theater at Pomona College, as well as received an M.F.A. in Acting from Harvard University.

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I was amazed and surprised as I did my review  that there was real help our there for people like me who really struggled through classes due to an ineffective teacher (or any other issue).  I was one of those people who needed advanced science and mathematics explained to me in a simple manner with lots of practice, and this site seems like it has exactly what was needed for anyone who is struggling.

My daughter is still in elementary school, and she is an honors student just like I was.  She is one that learns fairly easily, and I don't ever want her to get bored.  I think that as early as middle school, she could actually use this site to get ahead and be challenged.  If she has an educator that does not know how to challenge her (as she did a couple years ago), I know that there is a great danger of her getting bored and "slacking off."  I don't ever want that to happen.  So I am glad I have this website in my back pocket so I can pull it out for her when I feel like she needs to be challenged.  Granted, she may not use it until she is in middle school, but I do like to file away services like this for just such a time as this.

I like the fact that the site also has training in language in music as well as test preparation.  I wish with all my heart that I could have used a service like this when I was preparing to take the SAT.  Take a look at this portion of the SAT test prep section.

I was really impressed with this study session and its amazing organization.  It covered everything from strategy to common problems when working through the problems on the test.  I can almost guarantee that if I had used this, my scores would have increased dramatically.  Don't get me wrong--I did fairly well on the SAT, but I was never all that happy with my score (which is why I took the test twice).

In conclusion, your students do not have to suffer through classes in high school and college any more.  This fantastic website will give your child all the tools he/she will need to get past difficulties and give him/her the skills needed in a global society.  No need to suffer in silence any longer!


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