Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Mistake, Your Gain

Well, I made a faux pas that I only realized tonight.  I did a sponsored post for Eclos where I also had a giveaway.  I entered everything correctly except for the rafflecopter.  I accidentally had the giveaway end on the 5th of June instead of the 15th.  I didn't bother to even think about it when it ended.  I picked my winner.  She confirmed.  And I now realize that I cannot go in and change the sponsored post.  It still says the 15th, but it is closed.  Mistakes do happen.

In this case, you have a terrific opportunity.  My biggest giveaway is ending in three days-on the 9th.  I am allowing everyone 25 extra entries for the remainder of the giveaway time.  Just click here, and claim those extra entries!  As the title says, my mistake, your gain!  And you never know how this might help you win!

I am sorry to my readers, but I know that you are understanding.  Thank you for your patience with me.


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