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Rock 'N' Learn Multiplication DVD Review and Giveaway (Ends 6/6) U.S. (or Ipad App--WW)

I have been fascinated with the company Rock 'N' Learn for some time.  I know that they produce high-quality DVD's that make learning fun for kids.  Since I was a music teacher for a number of years, I know from my own experience what an impact music can have on kids.  I can remember once having to teach students the alphabet backwards, and because they were singing it, they were able to do it (I learned it too!).

What I appreciate so much about this company is that they make the music current and use a lot of colorful characters to capture the children's attention.  My daughter can sit in front of one of their DVD's for hours and just be completely mesmerized--even when she already knows all the answers!

I had the privilege to review the Multiplication Rap DVD from this company, and I was so pleased to receive it.  So was my 8-year-old daughter.  This was the year in school (third grade) where they learned their multiplication facts.  She has become a really good math student, and I was pretty sure she would find the DVD very entertaining.  And I was exactly right!

The very day it came in, I put it on, and I have to admit, I was quite riveted myself.  My daughter loves rap, but most of the rap out there is entirely inappropriate.  She was happy to be able to watch the video, listen to rap, and interact with the multiplication facts.  Okay, I was, too!  In fact, I think I began to interact with it before she did.  There is a point in the DVD where they ask you to say the answer to the problems, and I was the first one to respond.  She soon followed suit.

We also watched the special features, and she learned all sorts of different tricks to help her with multiplication facts.  Okay, I watched it, too!  Here I am almost 38 years old, and I was being entertained by a kid's DVD!  It must be good!

The story doesn't end here, though.  My mom suggested that we send the DVD to school, and my daughter was pretty excited about it.  Her third grade teacher played it during their lunchtime, and at first the kids were thinking it was for babies.  However, as the facts became harder, she said the kids got into it and really enjoyed it.  I have decided to gift it to the teacher.  Not because I don't like it but because my daughter will not sit down and watch it again on her own.  And I know that her teacher could use it for years to come and share it with other teachers.


Rock 'N' Learn doesn't just have DVD's--it has also has Ipad Apps.  This amazing DVD is also available as a Multiplication Rap App.  I don't have an Ipad (I wish!), but I know that many of you out there do.  And I am sure that if you do, your children sometimes get a chance to use it.  And wouldn't it be great to have an educational app on there instead of just a mindless game app for them?  And if you are in the market for more apps from them, click here.

I highly encourage you to check out Rock 'N' Learn, and if you wish to purchase items from their site, they invite you to use coupon code JQ7711 for 25% your entire purchase on their site. If you are looking for free materials to help with math, be sure to check out this site. And while you are on the Rock 'N' Learn site, be sure to sign up for their newsletter! And you can also like them on facebook and/or follow them on twitter.

The wonderful people at Rock 'N' Learn are going to give away one copy of the Multiplication Rap DVD to one of my U.S. readers or, if preferred, you may choose the Ipad app. The DVD is only open to U.S., but the Ipad app is available to anyone who owns an Ipad. All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter form below by 9:00 P.M. Pacific time June 6.

If you wish to see the other reviews done by members of the team (including the Ipad app), check out the linky below:

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  1. I would choose the Colors, Shapes and Counting DVD.


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