Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Family "Emergency" (And a little Taylor Swift, too)

Well, for the past week, we have struggled in our family with an issue I think I can now divulge.  Though not the best picture of our dog, that is Sandy.  We have had her about three years, and Martin (our "friend" from England) truly has a bond with her.  He helped pick her out.  There has been a falling out since last year due to many issues I have previously discussed on here.  To make a long story short, he was forced to leave our property.  And he took Sandy from time to time.  But he could only be here six months at a time.

Last Saturday night, he stole her from our yard.  Due to the unique situation, the police can do nothing.  We have been working with out church, and we have decided to relinquish our rights to Sandy.  We will be meeting at our church with him tomorrow, and it will not be pretty.  He will have to find another family to take care of her while we are gone, and we will be getting a new dog.  At some point.

It has been extremely difficult for me in many ways.  I was in love with Martin at one point, and I had fancied that we would marry.  I went a little too far in the relationship with him--especially since he is not a Christian. It is a long story.  I am glad God didn't let me go all the way with him, and he never took advantage of me.  But he was such a smooth talker.  And he figured he was able to control me (just like my ex).

You guys know about my affinity for Taylor Swift.  And there is a song that truly encapsulates the way I feel.  No, I did not lose him to another woman, and I didn't do some of the things in the video, but the essence of the song and video describe the situation.

This was a difficult video to watch the first time, and now I find myself singing this song quite regularly.  No, we did not officially date, but there are some things that look awfully familiar.

I hope one day to have this kind of romance.

This video gets to me.  No, the details don't match up.  With Taylor's songs, I never feel they have to.  But this song is a reason to hope.  I had to meet with Martin today, and the horrible thing is that I am still attracted to you.  The thing I always read about in romance novels happened.  He touched my back, and a shock wave went through me.  I instantly hated myself because my body had the audacity to respond.  But it stands to reason since we were so physical--and never should have been.

The really strange thing is that he thinks he has me figured out and that he can win me back.  I am going to post the follow non-Taylor video.  This song is almost the story of my life to a tee.


  1. i'm really sorry to hear this, seems like he tried to use sandy against you and that's not fair, i'm sorry you have to loose her ( hope he will at least take care of her!!!)really i couldn't bear it and seeing teh situation it's even harder for you. i'm sorry

  2. Ruth,
    So sad to hear this story. I can't believe that he can get away with this?! Sometimes I just don't "get" the rules in America!!! Sometimes they're so backwards.
    It reminded me of a friend of mine that was getting a divorce. They had 3 cats. My girlfriend wanted all 3 but he "kept" one. She was so upset! She knew he couldn't take care of her(cat) ...he only wanted her to get back at her. About 6 weeks after my friend moved in with me, she got an e-mail from her ex saying that he couldn't take care of Charlie (yes, that's her name and it actually suits her~) anymore and that he was going to give her to the Humane Society but felt like he should as his ex first. I'm soooo glad he did!!
    My friend was a little nervous about asking me if I wanted Charlie as I just put one of my cats down a week earlier. I told her I'd think about it. It must have been an hour later. I said, "YES!" I'd take her. She's a very curious cat and so loving. She was neglected for so many months early on in her life and I was worried to take her in...but she's turned out to be a beautiful cat. That was April 2006. We still have her. (she is the middle cat in the picture on my FB home page.)
    I can't imagine what you're going through, but I know what my friend went through. It's really SAD that a person would use an animal to hurt someone else. It's not fair to the other person nor is it fair to the pet!!!
    Hang in there Ruth. You're so much stronger than I am.


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