Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Day in History January 31, 1981

Okay, honestly, I am not a Justin Timberlake fan.  I was never even an NSYNC fan.  I know I grew up hearing about this guy's group, but I was the strange one who didn't listen to pop music.  I was too busy listening to music from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's.  Who cared about the '80's and '90's?

But today took me back to my old music teaching days when I used to teach about musicians on or near their birthdays.  And it just so happens that on this date in 1981, Justin Timberlake was born.  I remember the first time I realized I had to teach about him because my students would love it.  And I began to discover NSYNC for the very first time.  And I actually bought an album!!  Go figure.  Once in a while,Justin Timberlake does something good, but not too often in my opinion.  I will never forget the hoopla surrounding the infamous Super Bowl incident in 2004 (though I didn't see it because I didn't normally watch the Super Bowl).

Anyway, I  am going to post a video that my students absolutely loved when I taught about Justin and any of the members of NSYNC.  Enjoy,

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  1. I wasn't a "fan" either but I did listen to their songs when it came on the radio! Thanks for the music video...I'm listening to it now.

  2. I was a bit of a fan lol Happy birthday JT love the video


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