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Free-Wheeling Friday--A Darcy Christmas Book Review

Summary from goodreads:

From Amanda Grange, the bestselling author of Mr. Darcy's Diary andMr. Darcy, Vampyre, Christmas finds the Darcy's celebrating the holiday with preparations for a ball, but the festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a very special gift... Ever sensual and romantic, Sharon Lathan highlights everything that's best and most precious in the celebrations of the holiday season. After a quarter of a century together, Darcy and Elizabeth reminisce... Jane Austen meets Charles Dickens! Carol Eberhart's Mr. Darcy's Christmas Carol finds Darcy encountering ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, who show him his life if pride keeps him from his one true love.

A Darcy ChristmasA Darcy Christmas by Amanda Grange
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have always loved Jane Austen, and this the first time I have ever read a book inspired by her classic novel.  I was looking forward to it, but I did find that it did not meet my expectations.

The first author did almost nothing but quote Charles Dickens.  I was surprised to find that Amanda Grange has the most experience of any of the writers.  I was bored to pieces, and I would have given this storu one and a half stars at best.

In the second story, I did find the Lizzie and Darcy I knew and loved.  Sharon Lathan probably did the best of the three in keeping with Austen's original ideas.  I still would not call it the best writing, but I basically enjoyed it.

The final offering by Carolyn Eberhart was the most intriguing of the three.  It was difficult for me to imagine Lizzie and Darcy enjoying married life intimacy so much.  I was not sure if I liked it.  But they were a romantic couple after all.  Why would they not?  I enjoyed the wit and exuberance with which the author wrote and characterized the characters.  I was surprised to find that she was a debut author.  I plan to look her up.  My only complaint was that I struggled to keep the characters straight.

If you are a Jane Auste fan who fancies a light read, you may enjoy this.  For me, this was a take it or leave it sort of book.

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