Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creative Wedding Invitations

There is nothing like sending out wedding invitations to your prospective guests that are just a little bit out of the ordinary.  It is worth your while to take some time to pick out something creative and even add your own personal touch to it.  You want your invitations to stand out, and nothing can be easier than going to Weddingstar's site and browsing through their entire line of wedding invitations.  You can pick out something ready-made, or if you are a little more crafty, you might just put several elements together to create the ultimate DIY invitation.

The possibilities are practically endlessly when it comes to one-of-a-kind wedding invitations.  Design a portion of the invitation using muslin, or use postage stamps to create an attractive design on the envelope.  Think about printing your entire invitation on a handkerchief.  You might even consider adding design details with rubber stamps.  If you tend to be the wordy type, an invitation book that celebrates you as a couple through pictures and more may be just what you wish to send out.

Sometimes you just want to add that special something without taking a lot of extra time.  Use vintage wallpaper to decorate the inside of the envelope.  Invitations no longer have to be printed on standard paper.  You might send out a wedding invite scroll or possibly some other unusually-shaped card.  For the ultimate in design and simplicity, just add bows, buttons, or any other miscellaneous item to make the invitation and card uniquely you.

For all of your wedding invitation needs, don't forget to check out Weddingstar.  You will see only quality invitations at affordable prices.  They have everything you need, and their design team is always on hand to give you all the advice you could possibly need.


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