Saturday, January 5, 2013

Little Passports USA Edition Review

All right, I am a little behind on this review.  I have to admit I forgot about it--Christmas and books got in the way, but I am reviewing it now, so read on.

Some time ago, I got the chance to review Little Passports World Edition.  Yes, my daughter definitely enjoyed it, and now we reviewed the USA Edition.  Amazingly, I think my daughter liked this better.

This is a picture of the fantastic pack we got to review, and my daughter was enraptured from the beginning. The following things were included:

  • letter from Sam and Sofia,
  • a USA Field Guide
  • a USA scratch book
  • a map
  • a camera. 
By in large my daughter's favorite thing was the scratch book.  She got in the moment I opened it and began working on it.  She was determined to finish it, and she did.  In the process, she asked a lot of questions about the U.S., and she learned a lot.  The camera was something new for her since it was not a digital camera.  I have not developed the pictures yet, but she had loads of fun taking pictures of things from the area where we live.

With Little Passports, you have a couple options available.  You can either go with the World Edition or the USA edition.  I really enjoyed both editions, but my favorite is the World Edition.  My daughter's favorite is the USA edition edition.  No matter what you choose, if you sign up for the subscription, you will get a monthly service that will send your child educational materials and grant them online access to games that involve some part of the world.  In this day and age, it seems that geography is overlooked at school.  It would seem that if something if something is not "tested," it is not taught.  This service can help to fill in the holes.  It would be good to add to home school curriculum as well.  

For more information and for all the latest news, be sure to also follow them via social media:

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  1. Thank you for featuring this great product!

    I'm checking out their Facebook page now -- looks like a nice thing to give young children to help them find out about the world around them. ^_^


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