Friday, August 31, 2012

Newman's Own Organics Review

Well, school is either in session for you or about to be in session, and now is the time to be sure you have healthy snacks in the house for you and your kids.  Going to the store and looking for healthy, natural, organic snacks can be a daunting task.  When you look at the ingredients of so many supposed "healthy" or "natural" snacks, it can be pretty upsetting.  You may find all sorts of additives and ingredients that you could never pronounce or understand.

If you have never heard of Newman's Own Organics, allow me to introduce them to you.  The make healthy snacking fun and easy.  Originally, they were started as a division of Newman's Own back in 1993, but since 2001, they have been a separate company.  It's easy to confuse the two companies (I did not realize they were two separate companies until I was told), so be sure to look for "Pa" Newman and Nell on the front of each package.

Newman's Own Organics is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.  That may not mean much to you, but let me explain.  This means no pesticides, no synthetic chemicals for at least three years, and reviewed by an independent agent.  This means that all of their products are truly organic.  I could say more, but I'll cut this short because you can check out more on their site.

When I agreed to review their products, I had no idea how big the box would be that they sent me!  I am so sorry I did not even think about taking a picture of the contents.  I dove in and began trying the snacks.  They had fantastic creme cookies, pretzels, licorice, mini cookies, mints, fig cookies, prunes, chocolate bars, and more!  The company was very generous, and almost everything we tried, we liked.

My mom and I enjoyed the Newman O's in the following flavors:  Peanut Butter, Hint 'O Mint, and Ginger 'n' Cream.  The Peanut Butter was our favorite, but all the flavors were fantastic.  The mint was mild, and the ginger has a unique flavor we have never tried before.

The licorice was enjoyed much by my mother and daughter.  The sour flavors were a favorite for all three of us, and our only complaint was how messy the sugar was on our fingers afterwards.  We just licked it off.  What made the licorice nice was that it flavored with real ingredients rather than artificially.  I had forgotten just how good licorice like that can be.

I have only tried the wintergreen mints, but I find myself taking one now and then for fresh breath and sour stomach.  They take care of both.  I look forward to trying the others.  The flavor of the wintergreen is not too strong and is very pleasing.

I also have not tried the pretzels nor the prunes (my dad will be trying those soon).  However, the Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies are absolutely unbelievable!  And I have never tasted better "Fig Newmans."  We still have a few things to try, but this company has got fantastic food that tastes good and is actually good for you!  (That does not mean you get to eat a whole bag of cookies at once!)

Be sure to follow them on facebook for the latest news and specials.

And also keep your eyes out for a special giveaway coming soon.

I was sent products from Newman's Own Organics in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.


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