Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Day in History August 28, 1899

Charles Boyer in All This and Heaven Too trailer
By Trailer screenshot (All This, and Heaven Too trailer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I know it seems I am getting stuck on featuring old-time movie actors/actresses lately, but I have to admit that I absolutely love the old films.  I grew up watching them.  So, on this date in 1899, Charles Boyer (featured above) was born in France.  He was a shy boy from a small town, but he discovered the French stage and movies when he was still a youngster.  During WWI, he worked as a hospital orderly and often performed comic sketches for the soldiers.

As I read about his life, I have to admit I noticed a couple of intriguing things.  He was only married once, and when she died in 1978 from cancer, he committed suicide but two days after her death on August 26, 1978 by taking an overdose of barbiturates.  And let's add this to the mix.  His only son took his own life via a self-inflicted gunshot wound on September 23, 1965.  Does all this seem pretty strange??

He was a fine actor.  I always think of him as a "dark" character or villain.  He appeared in over 80 films, but he never won a real Oscar.  Go figure!  I will never forget his role in Gaslight opposite Ingrid Bergman!


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