Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Day in History August 26, 1902


Okay, so where would we be without the flashlight (or torch)?  How did we live before this wonderful invention came along?  On this date in 1902, Conrad Hubert was awarded patent 737,107 for a flashlight with an on and off switch.  He was a Russian Jew, and it was the Russian persecution of Jews in 1890 that caused him to immigrate to U.S.  His birth name was Akiba Horowitz, but when he arrived in Ellis Island in 1891, he did what most immigrants did--changed his name.

The family business and his training was in the distillery business, but in New York City he had to start all over again.  He actually founded  the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company which eventually became the Ever Ready Company.  And I, for one, am sure glad he invented the flashlight!

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