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"The Fairy Tale Bride" by Kelly McClymer Book Review

Synopsis (from goodreads): The Fensters were like many other proper Victorian families—in every way but one. Ignorning the grim convention that one married for wealth and title, these spirited siblings followed their hearts...and vowed to wed only for love.

Happily-ever-after is all she ever wanted...

Even though society thinks her all but unmarriageable, Miranda Fenster still believes in true love. She'll do anything to advance its cause, even confront the man whose disapproval is all that keeps her dear brother from making a romantic match. But Miranda's impetuous meeting with the Duke of Kerstone has a far different outcome than she intended. For when the cynical nobleman realizes she's been compromised by their tryst, he insists on nothing less than marriage. Now suddenly, the champion of fairy tale endings finds herself a most unlikely bride!


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Anyone girls who ever dreamed of marrying a duke?  Maybe you have have romantic dreams that you are certain will come true one day.  Well, this book is definitely for you!  You will fall in love with Miranda and her story.  It is unlike most fairy tales you will ever read.  And it is historical romance that will keep you guessing.

I was quite intrigued by this story from the beginning.  I'm a sucker for a poor girl who falls in love with a rich duke.  But this duke, Simon, has a secret that keeps him from giving her the fairy tale she has always dreamed of.  In fact, it seems that her mother-in-law treats her better than her husband!

I loved the fact that Miranda never gave up.  She loved Simon so selflessly.  And more than anything, she just wants him to love her.  And she cares about her other sisters (and brother)and getting them to come out in society.  In some ways, Miranda was almost too good compared to Simon.  He was such a fool, but then again, aren't most men?

The bedroom scenes after they were married were not a problem for me.  And while there was passion outside of marriage, it really did not go too far.  The profanity really was not a major problem--about typical for historical fiction.  I did find the end a little confusing.  I liked the plot twists that author added in, but I have to admit that it sometimes did not make sense.  But in the end, the book ended as it should.

If you like historical romances in s semi-predictable style, you will like this book.  While you may be able to figure out much of the book's plot, there will be a few surprises--I can guarantee that!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine. 

About the author:
Kelly McClymer started out writing plays for her sister to perform for their parents. She branched out to writing for her high school newspaper, and then began a futile attempt to write science fiction. At last, with her historical romance novels, she achieved the goal of published author. And then, in a leap of faith, she left romance for the Young Adult world of fantasy and witchcraft. She may be secretly working her way back to science fiction, but mum’s the word on that one.
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  1. Ruth! Thank you!! I worked hard on those surprises, so I'm very glad they worked for you.


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