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This Day in History August 17, 1982

compact disc
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I was not aware of today's feature, but maybe you were.  On this date in 1982, the first ever CD was pressed in Hanover, Germany.  This was truly a monumental date, I would say.  Up to this point, we had record album and cassette tapes.  Both had their own shortfalls.  But a CD was almost flawless, and it could hold a lot more music.

So are you curious what the first music was on that CD?  No, it was not pop music, country, or rock.  It was
Richard Strauss’s Eine Alpensinfonie by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Herbert von Karajan.  Yes, it was "classical" music.  Recording companies were resistant to the idea at first, but this particular conductor was very supportive of this new technology.  Of course, it did not take long for CD's to take off.  And now a CD player is as much a necessity as a TV or a DVD player.  

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