Friday, August 24, 2012

This Day in History August 24, 1869


You may have heard that it is National Waffle Day today, but do you know why?  It was on this date in 1869 that the first patent was given out for a waffle iron.  And do you know to whom that patent was issued?  Cornelius Swartwout.  His design was very simple.  Essentially, he put a lid on a hinge to a cast-iron skillet.  Then he added two dividers into the pan for making individual waffles.

It was forty years later in 1911, that Thomas Steckbeck helped General Electric make the first electric waffle iron.  In this model, they added the special feature of a thermometer so the waffles would not burn.

I am one who has always liked waffles--especially with berries and cream.  It's almost like having dessert for breakfast!  I prefer Belgian Waffles since they are lighter and fluffier.  This is certainly a momentous day for me!  But I already ate breakfast, so I don't plan to have any waffles today.

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