Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog Tour: "32 and Counting? Finding Your Happily Ever After Today" Guest Post

Taking a hard look at dating, relationships, love and living the 'happily ever after' dream today. Finding your HEAT.


What a fantastic read! Anyone that has been out in the dating world needs to read this. The author has taken her experiences and somehow made sense of it all. The rest of us should do the same!  By Buffalo Mike

Great book!! Easy and very interesting read. Once I picked the book up I couldn't put it down. Gigi is a very interesting woman!  By Rob

What a great read. Gigi's writing is impeccable. Daughters and women in general do need to read this book. You laugh, feel sad at times as it brings back your own memories, at the same time she empowers us to think about ourselves. Instead of putting others first, put yourself first and live your life like you want to. What makes you happy, be yourself and not what society wants you to be.

This is a refreshing and wonderful read that needs to be shared. There is a lot to learn from this wonderful book. by Babs

About the Author:

Gigi is a published author, freelance writer and poet.  She is also a successful career woman, single mother (empty nester now) and very happy bachelorette!  With passion running through her veins, she has a zest for life, attacks it with vigor and lives by her own rules! Twitter @Gigi12667

 Guest Post by the author:
What would you stress most to any woman about dating and why – I would stress that you should be true to yourself and not settle. If you really enjoy getting out there and doing different activities, then find someone who enjoys those same activities.  If you prefer to stay in with a good movie, then find someone who enjoys that. 
Don’t do things for the other person all the time while leaving your own desires unmet.  Doing things for one another is fine if it’s a two-way street, but when one person is doing all the giving and there’s no compromise, then it’s not fair and resentment may start to build.  Either party settling for less than what they truly want or deserve is a recipe for unhappiness.


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