Monday, October 15, 2012

Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat Giveaway (ends 11/5) U.S.

Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat Giveaway is offering an awesome remote control boat worth $79.95 to one lucky reader and it could be you. Do not pass up on the chance to win this RadioRanger Remote Control Boat Giveaway. Bobbie Anne from owns one of these fast remote control boats, listen to what she has to say about it.

"Taking the Radio Ranger RC Boat to the lake is a great family activity. My kids and I took our boat out this past weekend and had a blast. It runs so fast across the lake that it leaves waves behind it. This remote control boat can also be connected to your fishing line and used to catch a fish. Can you imagine catching a fish and then bringing it in to shore with a remote control boat? This RC Radio Ranger is also great for the fisherman who want to get their bait to the perfect spot, but cannot get it there without a little help. You can connect your line to the remote control boat, drive it to the perfect spot, drop your line and drive back to the shore. My kids and I didn't try to catch any fish this weekend, we just had fun taking turns driving our boat until we completely ran down our battery and it was time to head back home.

The hardest part about setting up this boat was figuring out the right direction for the 6 AA batteries that went in the remote control. This boat is amazing and my boys are already planning our next boat outing and their dad is bringing the fishing pole next time!

My daughter (who is the proverbial tomboy to the core) truly would love this, and I bet you know some kids (or even some kids who never grew up) who would just love this boat!  Imagine the response on Christmas morning!

NOW for the part you've been waiting for: To be eligible for this giveaway you must be at least 18 years old and from the US. Make sure to bookmark this giveaway and come back daily to tweet it out for extra entries. Good luck!
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  1. This would make a wonderful Christmas present for a certain nephew of mine! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. The Bass Pro with the fishing rod looks like fun--maybe my nephew won't get it! LOL


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