Sunday, October 28, 2012

Religious Cross Wedding Rings--Check Them Out!

There is nothing like the joy and wonder of picking out wedding rings.  In fact, sometimes it is more fun planning the wedding and picking out the items like these than actually going through the ceremony itself.  And picking out rings can be a very daunting task.  Additionally, when the couple getting married is a Christian, they often look for something that will signify the sacredness of the marriage ceremony.  Furthermore, in this day and age, trying to determine where to buy your wedding rings can be overwhelming.

Well, it just so happens that I saw these cross wedding rings, and I thought they were absolutely beautiful.  The rings are made of tungsten carbide or cobalt chrome.  Both are highly scratch-resistant and extremely durable--easily the most durable Christian wedding rings on the market.  And when it comes to wedding rings, you want them to be long-lasting.  Why?  Because in a Christian wedding, the idea is that you will marry for life.  It won't make much sense if the marriage outlives the rings.  Better still, these rings come with a lifetime warranty--something my wedding ring never had.

I know that if I were planning a wedding, I might be concerned about buying rings online.  Sure, these rings are beautiful and have lovely Christian symbols on them, but there might be the concerns of shipping charges and whether the rings will fit.  Sometimes getting the right fit can be a chore, and how can you be assured that if you order them online that they will fit?   Also, shipping charges can be outrageous when you buy online.  I am always looking for sites that offer reduced or free shipping.

It is nice to know that this company offers free shipping, and your rings will arrive in two to three days. That eases my mind, and I am sure it would ease the minds of the bride and groom.  As to the sizing, this company must realize that could be a problem.  They have a 45-day perfect fit policy, and lifetime sizing!  All they ask is that you pay a nominal shipping fee if you do have to send the ring back to be resized.

So if you are planning a wedding soon (or know someone who is), be sure to point them towards these rings.  I really don't think you can find a better deal at a better price (I'll let you check out the price for yourself!).  It just may be the perfect addition to your wedding and a fantastic symbol of the true meaning of your union.

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