Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guest Post by Misty Wright, Author of "Assassin's Love"--Free on Kindle!

What Makes a Good Romance Story?

Nobody knows why a romance story becomes so popular in the heart of every reader and writer. No one knows how love develops in every lover. Consistently, this is not the work to be done. Love takes time, and to achieve the right moment, you need to know what love really is. A good romance story is very important to all readers who need comfort in their lives today. It can make broken-hearted lovers escape from their own reality and find the answers to their problems in the book. This is how books work. Every chapter and line in the story is very interesting, and it’s so amazing and full of excitement about what will happen next. You cannot stop reading until you read the end of the story. A good romance story is full of mystery until you find the answer in a happy ending.
Until now, the romance story was one 
of the best books in the world, in all libraries and bookstores worldwide. Most movies came from the books, and it became more realistic when flashed on the big screen. Women like reading books because, as we know, women want a fairy tale love story in their own lives. A very popular book that became a movie is “Twilight.” Everyone knows the story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen; it is a story of love between a human and a vampire. “Dear John,” is a movie that hit the big screen and become a blockbuster. It is a story of a soldier who fell in love, but although he failed in the end, all of his love was worth it. And my favorite romance story is “The Vow,” which is a movie based on a true story about how love conquers all, even though it may seem as though there’s no hope anymore.
A good romance story is so important to every reader wherever you go or whatever you do. Whether you are at work or on vacation, whether you are young or old, or whether you are a student, driver, teacher, farmer, vendor, businessman, housewife, husband, or a professional, a good romance story makes you become more interested in reading. It also makes lovers more knowledgeable about what love really is, it makes people interested in reading and writing novels, and it makes everything in your life full of fun and excitement.

Some people read romance books because they think that when they read a book, it feels like it is real. It touches the heart, it makes you feel different emotions, and you will find that you like it. Some say that when they read, they see the story visually as if it is painted in the wall like a drawing, and they think they are in the book. Others say that every word you read makes it as if you can make impossible things into a reality: you can build a castle in your own garden, you can choose your perfect match, and you can make your life amazing without working. You can just read and write and it becomes real to you. It can merge the two worlds of fantasy and reality into one world.

An interesting moment in a good romance story begins in a single word, line, and chapter, and you expand it until it becomes a good romance story. Fantasy or not, good romance stories touch every emotion and make you feel as though your dreams have come true.

Misty Wright, the author of this article, is a contemporary suspense romance author and the founder of Misty has a special surprise for you on 03 Jan and 04 Jan 2013 ONLY…


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Diane is an assassin on the run. She's good at what she does--in fact, she's one of the best--but sometimes she wishes her life could be different. Convinced that she will die by the hands of another killer, she has anticipated her eventual demise, but will it be sooner than she thinks?
When a hit is put on her, she isn't sure who wants her dead: the man she loves, the family she pledged her allegiance to, or the many enemies she's made over the years.
Living a life of secrets makes it hard to love, but soon, Diane will have to conquer her fears and find her Mr. Right.
When she finds him, though, her career as a killer threatens to tear them apart.
Will their love bloom, or will the sins of her past come back to haunt her?
Will Diane ever escape from her lifestyle of murder with the man she loves?

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  1. Tthis person has plagiarized at least three of the five books she claims to have written.

    "Assassin's Love" was published by Jennifer Cloud in 2008 as "Crying Blood"
    "The Great Gift" was published by Mark Stewart in 2010 as "A Perfect Gift"
    "Love's Freedom" was published by Leitha Wards in 2011 as "Hartley's Crush"

    These are authors who offered their books as free downloads (free doesn't mean steal) either on Kindle or Smashwords. Plagiarism is an unnacceptable practice and it hurts authors, reviewers, and it damages the trust readers put in all of us.

    Amazon has since removed from purchase the three books listed above.


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