Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Consider Funeral Insurance For Your Loved Ones' Peace of Mind

It is said that there are two things in life that everyone has to face--taxes and death.  Some people have figured out how to keep from paying taxes, but so far, no one has cheated death.  It will come to all of us--that is the grim reality.  I know that death is something that we don't like to talk about, but we need to spend some time preparing our family members for this unavoidable event.

When I consider my own death, I am comforted because I know where I am going.  I don't want to get into a philosophical discussion about this, but "when I get where I'm going," I will leave the pain of this world behind.  Unfortunately, my loved ones will have to deal with what I have left behind (my possessions) and the expense of a funeral.  I have not looked into the cost of a funeral, but I know it keeps going up.  It makes me want to consider funeral insurance so that my loved ones aren't saddled with these major costs.  There will be enough to take care of after my death, and I don't want this to be an added burden.  While funeral insurance may seem like something morbid to think about, I believe it can show your loved ones that you are taking care of them and caring for their needs even after you have shuffled off this mortal coil.


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