Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Day in History February 28, 1638

Scotland location map

I was quite intrigued by this tidbit in church history.  In 1637, relations were not good between the churches in England and Scotland.  King Charles I and Archbishop Laud tried to bring them together.  As you can expect, the Scottish people weren't too happy with some of the things that were tried since the bishops of England were mandating certain things through books of common prayer and the like.  So the Scottish decided to get together and created a covenant.  This National Covenant was signed on this date in 1638, in the Church of Edinburgh in Scotland.  Leading individuals signed it, and on the next day, even more people signed it.  When the Kind of England would not listen, civil war broke out.  A few years later, Parliament did come up with a similar document that guaranteed a lot of the same rights that the Scots had claimed in this National Covenant.

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