Saturday, June 9, 2012

Green Works® Reverse Graffiti Gallery

So how green are your cleaners?  I would challenge you to look under your sink and see how environmentally friendly those cleaners of your are.  I have to admit that I prefer green cleaners whenever I get the chance, and Green Works is one you know you can trust.

About the Green Works® Reverse Graffiti Gallery:
The Green Works Reverse Graffiti Gallery is based on the idea that green cleaning is beautiful when done naturally.  It has transformed a space in L.A., and it is a reminder that everyone can have a part in "green" living and cleaning.  No impact is too small.
Drawing inspiration from nature, artist Mr. Kiji used Green Works cleaners as the medium to create murals in a mundane underpass in Silver Lake, with the hope that the unexpected art exhibit illustrates that cleaning can be beautiful and inspires viewers to do their part.Ian Somerhalder, star of “The Vampire Diaries,” is working with this artist to raise the awareness of green living and the mural.  

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Simply by watching the time-lapse video of the transformation at, $1 will be donated to the Environmental Media Association, promoting more green works.

What makes Green Works® so great? It practices what it preaches.  It is made with plant and mineral-based cleaning ingredients that are biodegradable, and it thankfully never tested on animals.  And its bottles are recyclable, too.  As a side note, their cleaners work as well if not better than commercial cleaners.

For more information about Green Works products and the Reverse Graffiti Gallery, visit or


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