Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Donna Fletcher, Author of "Untamed Fire" Guest Post

Remember my review and promotion of Untamed Fire by Donna Fletcher?  She is guest posting here today.  Don't miss out on the giveaway that ends in four days!  Just click on the link back to the review, and be sure to enter!

I foolishly thought at one time that I wrote my own books. I can hear my characters laughing and it isn’t a quiet laugh.

Don’t bother fighting with your characters, let them write your book. They’re going to do it anyway. You probably have an image of your characters in your head before you start writing your book. You unwisely think that you have a pretty good idea of who they are and where they’re going. Then you start to write and before you know it your characters begin to take control.

It may be little things at first. All of a sudden a character responds differently then you had expected or you find out something about him that you didn’t know. Even though you listed a whole bunch of things about him you thought would be relevant, he surprises you with something that changes the story. And does he care? Nope, it’s his story and he’d going to do what he wants with it.

In Untamed Fire the heroine, Gaby, has an independent and stubborn nature, smiles all the time, loves to dance, has a big heart, and, though a servant, does mostly what she wants to do. When she meets Rosa who may possibly be her twin sister, I expected her to be similar to Gaby, though not completely identical. She wasn’t anything that I expected her to be and little by little I began to discover why. Her past was completely different than I had planned and made for a much more interesting story when it came to her book.

So let your characters write your book... I’ll warn you again... they’re going to do it anyway. Besides you may find that you enjoy the story they have to tell more than the one you were planning on.


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