Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Day in History August 12, 1999

I am constantly amazed at the new holidays that have appeared in recent years, and this is one of them.  On this date in 2000, the first National Youth Day was celebrated.  It had been created through a UN resolution that was passed on December 17, 1999.   Youth is basically defined at ages 15-24 (that certainly cuts me out!).  It is estimated that youth comprises one sixth of the world's population.

The theme of International Youth Day this year is "Building a Better World: Partnering With Youth."  It is true that young people today face many challenges, but it is good to remember that they are our future.  Actually, that is sometimes pretty scary!  But nevertheless, there are a lot of good kids out there, and maybe the upcoming generation will make it a better world.  You can always hope.

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  1. I agree that the number of new 'Days' seems to be on the increase, one could be quite cynical about this....! But as a way of drawing our attention to events or needs or whatever I guess it does work. As do your posts! We need to remember to look outward rather than inward, and posts like yours are a good reminder of that- Thank you!!


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