Monday, August 13, 2012

This Day in History August 13, 1992

This is day of celebration for those who are left-handed because on this date in 1992, International Left Hander's Day was launched.  This is a day that touches me because I have a daughter who just happens to be left-handed (not to mention a father, as well).  I can remember as was beginning to develop, I was pretty sure that she was favoring her left hand.  I was married at the time, and I remember watching my husband at that time try to force her to use her right hand.  I was horrified, but he was not about to stop.  Thankfully, he did not stay around to continue this behavior.

Did you know that eight out of 44 presidents were/are left-handed?  In fact, left-handedness usually goes hand in hand with creativity.  I am glad that being left-handed today is not like it was in my dad's day.  He was forced to learn to use his right hand, and I know it was not easy for him.  It is still a right-hand dominant world, but thankfully left-handedness is no longer a stigma.

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