Saturday, August 4, 2012

This Day in History August 4, 1790

Two Coast Guard 47-foot motor lifeboat crews train in Umpqua River

On this date in 1790, the United States Coast Guard was created.  This is an often overlooked branch of the military, but since I grew up near the Washington state coast (this picture is from Oregon Coast area, but not my picture, of course) and my mom first loved a Coast Guard man, I know very well how important this branch of the military is.  I was interested to discover that Alexander Hamilton was instrumental in the establishment of it.

To all the men and women who serve selflessly patrolling our waters and risking their lives to save others, I salute you.  Your sacrifice is remembered and appreciated by all Americans!

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  1. Wow! I never gave it much thought! My dad and his second wife have been with the military for a long time. I grew up an Army brat. Have a great weekend! Pop in for my Make My Saturday Sweet blog hop at

  2. I never new how the coast guard got started, very interesting. Found you via Make My Saturday Sweet Blog Hop!

  3. I didn't know anything about the coast guard until this post. I had no idea the Coast Guard was so old!


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