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"Through Angel's Eyes" by Steve Theunissen Blog Tour Book Review

Title: Through Angel's Eyes 
Author: Steve Theunissen 
Genre: Young Adult/Historical Fiction 
Publisher:  Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co

Number of Pages: E Book, Aprx. 192 

Through Angel's Eyes' is the first person account of a 13 year old Black girl as she experiences the pivotal events of the 1963 civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama. The book is a Young Adult historical fiction that infuses the timeless wisdom of Martin Luther King into an intriguing narrative that takes readers on a roller coaster of emotion while they learn about a time when a group of courageous young people quietly said 'Enough!" and stood up for what they believed in.

Through Angel's EyesThrough Angel's Eyes by Steve Theunissen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rarely have I read such a fantastic young adult historical novel, but this certainly stands in that category as far as I am concerned.  This book is so powerful, simple, beautiful, and absolutely stirring.  All I could think about was how this is the perfect book for young adults to read when studying the Civil Right movement--it brings it home.

I will be the fist to tell anyone how much I love historical fiction.  And whenever I read about racism and prejudice, it always angers me.  When I see how my race treated African Americans (and sometimes still does), I am horrified and wish with all my heart that it never happened.  But it did, and this book will give names and a gripping story to the stories that are always told.

Angel was an absolutely endearing character, and I was moved as I read about all the things she saw happen to those who were close to her.  The description of the water hoses was absolutely chilling.  I always read about how fire hoses were turned on protesting blacks, but I never dreamed how painful that experience was for them.  My eyes have been opened.  I also knew very little of the Black Power movement that was going opposite the nonviolent movement led by Dr. King, but I feel I understand a little better now.

What I appreciated about this book was that everyone did not live happily ever after.  Sometimes even in historical fiction, nothing too bad happens.  This book is not like that.  I was so glad it ended as it did for some would have chosen to end it about ten pages earlier than this author did.  I am so glad he did not!

I am happy to report that there was no sex, and the profanity issue was almost nonexistent.  All words that are used tend to make sense, and I do not really find them offensive.  I am also pleased that the main characters continued to go back to the Bible and Christ's example to aid them in their cause.  I knew that the Civil Rights Movement was couched in the church, but I had not idea how much they relied on it for every step they took.  It was refreshing to read a novel where a relationship with God was emphasized.

I challenge everyone to read this book--it is phenomenal.  The author was smart in using Angel herself to tell the story, and I never struggled with the dialect she used in writing.  And I find it absolutely amazing when a male author can write in first person from a young girl's perspective--and he did it so believably!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

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About the Author
Steve Theunissen is a teacher and freelance writer who lives in New Zealand with his wife and two children. He is the author of several non-fiction books. Through Angel’s Eyesis his first work of fiction.  For more information, please check out his site.  And you will want to follow the entire tour here.

THROUGH ANGEL’S EYES (ISBN: 978-1-61897-374-0) is now available for $15.50 and 
can be ordered through the publisher’s website: or at or


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