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Pump Up Your Book Presents Twelve Months Virtual Book Tour 2012

Don DiMarco has a very good life – a family 
he loves, a comfortable lifestyle, passions and interests that keep him amused. He also thought he had time, but that turned out not to be the case. Faced with news that might have immediately felled most, Don now wonders if he has time enough. Time enough to show his wife the romance he didn’t always lavish on her. Time enough to live out his most ambitious fantasies. Time enough to close the circle on some of his most aching unresolved relationships. Summoning an inner strength he barely realized he possessed, Don sets off to prove that twelve months is time enough to live a life in full.
A glorious celebration of each and every moment that we’re given here on Earth, as well as the eternal bonds that we all share, Twelve Months is a stirring testament to the power of the human spirit.

Join Steven Manchester, author of the fiction novel, Twelve Months, as he tours the blogosphere August 13 – October 12, 2012 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Very rarely do I find a book that causes real tears to fall from my eyes, but this is indeed a book that accomplished this feat.  This is one of those books that I think has something for everyone, and the message is timeless.  It goes right in line with Tim McGraw's Song "Live Like You Were Dyin.'"  The difference is that Don has but 12 months to live.  And he has decided to live now that he is dying.

There were a few activities that did not interest me as much as others--for sure.  But that is what gives this book its distinctive air.  There is some minimal profanity, but there are no sex scenes.  I truly appreciated the first person voice throughout most of the novel, but I was unsure about which person's voice told the last few pages.  It would have been nice to have that clarified.  The view of God is somewhat skewed in the book but not too bad for a secular novel.  I also would like to know how they had so much money!  The recession certainly has not affected them!

I think this book resonates with humanity.  Most of us have been touched by cancer in some way.  My grandfather and great-grandmother both died of colon cancer, and this gave me a glimpse into some of what they must have suffered.  The section on Vietnam opened my eyes to that little-talked-about conflict.  And Don's outlook on life in spite of his suffering completely humbled me. I was again reminded about my priorities in life.

If you are looking for a book that will truly touch you, I would recommend this book.  I think that anyone who has experienced any kind of loss will find this book a welcome release.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

Steven Manchester is the author of Pressed Pennies, The Unexpected Storm: The Gulf War Legacy and Jacob Evans, as well as several books under the pseudonym, Steven Herberts. His work has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s The Early Show, CNN’s American Morning and BET’s Nightly News. Recently, three of Steven’s short stories were selected “101 Best” for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. When not spending time with his beautiful wife, Paula, or his four children, this Massachusetts author is promoting his works or writing.
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