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RABT: "Eliza" by Joyce Proell Guest Post/Giveaway (Ends 10/6) WW

Welcome to the tour for Eliza by Joyce Proell.  You will find my review of the book posted here.

Historical Romance
Date Published: 10/1/12
Publisher: ChampagneBooks

Posing as a widow, Eliza Danton flees an abusive marriage determined to bury the past and live a solitary life on the Minnesota frontier. When she finds herself homeless, her livelihood threatened and her safety compromised, she relies on her only resource, a man who stirs a forbidden longing and rocks the very foundation of her well-laid plans. As her world shrinks with lies and deception, the only way out is the truth, but the truth may strike a deadly price.
Haunted by a tragic past, Will Heaton hides his scarred heart and vows never to love again. But a chance encounter with a mysterious widow awakens painful memories and a yearning he can’t ignore. When she’s harassed by the same man he believes killed his wife, he grabs at a chance to resolve past mistakes and possibly find love and redemption in the process.
As Eliza and Will struggle to trust again, the past returns with a renewed vengeance, testing them in ways they never thought possible. 

Chapter One (Excerpt)
 Elizabeth Douglas couldn’t think of a better incentive than a husband who wanted her dead. Thus inspired, she packed a bag, changed her name and now gripped the handrail of the Northstar as it shimmied up the Ohio. Despite the warm air, she shivered. Abe would look for her as certain as the glistening blades of the paddlewheel churned the muddied water. When a man loses his greatest possession he himself becomes possessed. ‘If you ever leave me, I’ll kill you,’ he’d promised. She didn’t intend to die, at least not yet. “Mrs. Danton!” Startled to hear someone call her new name, she spun toward the voice. She brushed a hand over the black silk crepe of her widow weeds, loathing the dress and the deception. Against a backdrop of Pittsburgh’s receding factories Reverend Vernon Deeds minced around the thinning crowd on the ship’s deck. One arm clutched a chubby baby to his chest the other hand tugged a small lad behind him. Flushed, Vernon dropped the boy’s hand and pulled a crisply folded handkerchief from his coat pocket. He mopped his beaded brow. “Who would have thought June could be so muggy?”

I laughed when my husband suggested I write a book. Me? What did I know about writing?
Yet the notion held possibility, so I hatched a plan. A year later, I sent off my first completed
manuscript and promptly received a score of polite rejections. Bruised but undaunted, I forged
ahead, new plan in hand. Later, armed with the knowledge acquired from writing classes,
seminars and the help of fellow writers, I finished my second story. Eliza is that story.
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Guest post by the author
How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane

My idyllic routine of writing four to six hours a day came crashing to a halt when my first book, Eliza, came close to being released. Writing and the business side of book promotion suddenly consumed my days. In addition to lengthy edits for Eliza, I had another work in progress. To avoid losing any forward momentum on the project, I had to find time daily to write. So…How to get everything done and not lose my mind?  

Here are five solutions that work for me:
Break things down into small, manageable components. Be realistic about what can be accomplished in a given time span. A book isn’t written in a day, a week or even a month. So don’t focus on the whole but maybe a chapter a week. If that’s not realistic, modify the goal to something that’s doable. No matter what the task, a smaller job always seems less over overwhelming than a bigger one. And here’s another benefit. Any task, completed well, is a boost to one’s sense of accomplishment. Everybody likes to say, “Hey. I did it!”

Work consistently, every day. This approach chips away at the mountain, and over time, things get done. Recognize an excuse for what it is: a reason not to work. Toss the excuse out the nearest window. Then get back to work. If I stick to my plan of action each day, I never have to burn the midnight oil. More important, the deadline is met, and I’m still reasonably sane.    

Schedule mindless activity. Writing requires a focused mind. After some hours of concentrated effort, the brain gets tired. Mindless activities like listening to music, doodling, drawing, petting the dog, pulling weeds, yoga and meditation allow our wired brains to relax. For me, a mixture of walking and listening to music energizes my body, refreshes my heart and soul, and gives me a creative boost needed to get back to the job of writing.  

Exercise and eat healthy foods. I know. I know. Your mother and every woman’s magazine for the last fifty years has encouraged embracing this regime. And for good reason. It works. Meeting a deadline is stressful. Stress can trigger cortisol which stimulates cravings for sugar and high fat foods. If you can’t stop at one chip, don’t eat them at all. Instead, keep on hand healthy snacks. Then get outside and walk, or bike or run. As Mom said, the sun and fresh air will do you some good. And science has proven Mom to be right.  

Schedule the hardest job first. It’s easy to put off what we don’t like doing. Got a promotional piece that needs to be written? Need to make arrangements for a blog tour? Get it out of the way first thing in the morning. When it’s completed, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Give yourself a treat. My reward is sitting down at my computer and getting lost in another story.

Be sure to enter below to win your own e-copy of her book Eliza. It's open worldwide. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Since fun is something that always propels me, especially in writing, I do believe Eliza is a fun story. Enjoy!


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