Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rendi Style--Unique Personalized Gifts--Review

I am so excited to tell you about a wonderful company called Rendi Style.  I am always looking for unique, personalized gift ideas for my family and friends, and this company has that and more!  The easiest thing in the world is to go to the store and get the mass-produced gift for your loved ones, but that always seems so cold.  I have always been one of those people who like personalized gifts.  I used to make Christmas gifts, but my schedule does not permit that any more.  So the next best thing is to pay someone to create a gift.  And what can be better than combining pictures with a truly unique keepsake.

Rendi is a company that truly does work to provide that special, one-of-a-kind gift for those most special to you.  All you do is pick the item you would like to design and add the personalization on the website.  Then the company designs this gift for you (and they even say that what you see on the website will not look identical to the item you receive).  There is something truly personal about that for me.  It tells me that the company truly cares about their customers!

And that is not the only way "Rendi Cares."  They support a charity that supplies clean drinking water to communities around the world that need it.  And the company even involves the customers themselves in the charity-giving process.  Read more about their involvement in charity: water here.

The picture above shows you how the items arrived to me.  They were almost too pretty to unwrap!  And I plan to use that very wrapping when I give the following items as Christmas presents.

The item pictured above is for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas.  I love the fact that pictures can be easily exchanged, and I enjoyed personalizing the message "We Love, We Share."  One thing my brother and sister-in-law enjoy doing is going on motorcycle trips together.  I really enjoyed designing this for them, and I think they will enjoy it.  I know I would!

This was a plaque that I designed for my mom.  I was pleased to find the wonderful quotes from which I could choose (I just didn't feel creative when I was designing these).  I thought the quote was perfect for my mom, and I am glad that it came with hardware so she can hang it on the wall easily.  I know my mom will find a special place to hang this up.

I forgot to mention the wonderful smell these creations have!  They are strong, sturdy, and the wood smells wonderfully natural.  I can hardly wait to give these gifts at Christmas--the waiting is sometimes interminable. But at least they are wrapped well, and no one knows where to find them but me.

If you are looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion, don't forget to check out Rendi.  And follow them on facebook and twitter for the most current news.

I received this product through Karma Media in exchange for my honest review.
If you are interested in checking out what the other members on the team had to say, check out the linky below.


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