Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sparx Candy Sponsor Spotlight

Have you heard of Sparx Candy?  Okay, I hadn't either.  It is that time of year--time for Halloween candy, and of course, you know what traditional candy does to one's teeth--especially your kids.  Not only is the candy a dentist's worst nightmare, but it's not good for the figure either.

Sparx Halloween Candy is exactly what dentists, mothers, and health-conscious people ordered for this time of year!  A candy that is actually good for you?  Wow!  These candies are made with 100% natural xylitol.  Regular consumption of this sweetener actually promotes dental health and mineral absorption into the teeth.
Imagine this--candy that tastes good and helps strengthen your enamel.  No sugar highs or crashes with this great-tasting candy.

So, what do you think?  This candy comes in three delicious flavors:  berry, citrus, and fruit.

Watch out for a chance to win a 30-container package of Sparx!  And watch for my review soon--I plan to get to try some, too.


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