Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Starlooks--September Starbox Review

My September Starbox (Isn't it pretty?)

The contents of my Starbox--totally excited!
If you remember last month's reviews, I got to review a box from a fantastic company called Starlooks.  They have a great service you can get each month that includes high quality make-up for just $15 a month.  It is called Starbox, and if you would like to read about what I got last month, click here.  I thought I was pleased last month, but this one was even better!  

When my box arrived, I was sick, and I was unable to use anything in the box until Sunday.  I pulled out the eyeshadow primer, and I was so excited to use it!  I think I used primer like this years ago, but this was something I had forgotten about.  There is nothing better for putting under your eyeshadow to keep it smooth and make it last long.  My only complaint about the primer was that I almost could not get the container opened!  Not the company's fault, for sure, but I had to use some tools to get it open!!

You can see the eyeshadow palette, and this is the most exciting thing I have ever received--as far as make-up goes!  Normally, eyeshadow colors are much darker than I like.  I am fair-skinned, and dark colors just don't look good on me (unless I am going to be performing on stage!).  For everyday wear, I tend to use the same two colors of eyeshadow because they're the only colors I can find that match my coloring.  And I hate buying palettes because I can usually only wear one or two of the colors.  Not so with the palette!  Every one of the colors is light and goes on smoothly!  I am not sure I'll use the yellow, but I do have a new dress from eshakti that has yellow tones!  

close-up shot with the primer and eyeshadow

after using the primer and eyeshadow

Okay, these are not "model quality" pictures, but I really wanted to show how well the primer and eyeshadow work with my eyes.  At this point, I have not had cause to use the "eye jewelry" (in the little box), but at least I know that when a special occasion comes, I have something for that extra special effect.

No matter how much I loved the August box, the September box has taken the cake!  I'm beginning to think I may just have to invest in this service.  In last month's review, I was concerned I did not like the eyeliner, but now that I have used it more, I use it almost every time I wear make-up.  And I have worn the eyeshadow the past three days, and it is so nice to have a change of color.  It goes on smoothly and looks very natural.

Are you interested in checking out Starlooks Starbox service for yourself?  Check out all the links below.
Starbox: http://starlooks.com/collections/featured/products/starbox
Starlooks: http://www.starlooks.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/starlooksmd 

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.


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