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My Brother's Keeper
(Sequel to “By Right of Blood”)
by Lorrieann Russell
Historical Romance
Published by Edin Road Press
Release Date: December 5, 2012
Heat Level: Sweet
Length: 703 pages

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Scottish noble William Fylbrigge has finally come into his own after being named as the Earl of Sutherland and heir to Lord Edward, the Duke of Stonehaven -- titles that his older brother Thomas always expected would be his own.

With the assistance of some dangerous new allies, including the corrupt but powerful Bishop Dunkirk, Thomas and his dragon wife Bryndah level the charge of witchcraft against the new Earl, threatening his life and family, and all those who support him. Especially since the charge may be truer than they imagined.

Will the people he has led the charge to protect now come to his side in his time of need?

"Vivid, splendid, brightly colored...My Brother's Keeper is a well-woven tapestry of exciting characters you'll remember always, in a romantic, dramatic, richly epic Scottish setting you won't soon forget."--Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, author of The Keltiad and Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison

“The story takes hold of you from the first page to the last and will not let you go until that ending has manifested itself. This is brilliant storytelling at it’s finest and Lorrieann Russell is a born storyteller. Long live William Fylbrigge!”--Valerie R. Williams, reader review

“MY BROTHER’S KEEPER will whisk you away to a time of political intrigue, black magic and romantic pageantry. Ms. Russell weaves a story of olde that allows her reader to be transported to another place and time where wisdom is often overruled by witchcraft and fear. This is just great storytelling. A true delight.”--Elsa Poole, reader review

Note:  A review will be forthcoming soon.  I have been sick and trying to catch up.  I will not forget this time.

A milling crowd swarmed about a raised platform surrounded by bundles of peat and kindling. They chanted and cheered as two hooded men bound a terrified young woman to  stake in the center of the platform.

“Burn, witch, burn! Burn, witch, burn!”

“We’re too late!” Sean called rushing to keep up with William.

An expression of wild glee crossed William’s face. “No, we’re not, Sean. The torchbearers are not there yet!” The glee turned fierce as he burst through the wooden doors of the meetinghouse to confront the woman’s accuser.

“Lord Ambrose Woodhall! What right have you?” William called out, as he pushed his way through a throng of spectators, ignoring their startled gapes.

Sean steeled his nerve, and tried not to notice Lord Woodhall’s horde of mercenary witch hunters standing armed and scattered throughout the crowd, their faces hidden under dark hoods. His took his position at William’s back ready to pull his lord and friend out should any of the armed hunters move on them. But even if the hunters did attack, Sean knew that William Fylbrigge would never turn and flee.

“Fylbrigge, stand down!” Woodhall yelled, red-faced, clearly outraged at William’s bold intrusion. “You have no voice here.”

“I have voice enough to call you a liar!” William said, defiantly pushing his way past the hunters who were moving toward him, his sight set squarely on Woodhall alone. “Are you ready to condemn an innocent woman for the sake of your manly pride?”

“Manly — how dare you!” Woodhall glared, angrily. “The trial has ended. The sentence has been given. The witch confessed!”

“Under torture!” William countered. “She only confessed to stop the pain. Any fool could see that.”

Woodhall narrowed his eyes, and placed his hand menacingly on the hilt of his sword. “Her crime has been proven.”

“She refused your bed,” William shouted, reaching for his own blade. “That is her only crime.”

Several hunters began to inch toward him, their swords drawn.

Sean put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and spoke in his ear. “Will, we are far outnumbered here. It may be best to leave now while we still can.”

“No, Sean. She’s innocent!” William answered, keeping his eyes fixed squarely on Woodhall, as his rival raised his sword. William reciprocated with his own blade. The two stood, eyes locked, waiting for the other to move.

Sean held his sword at the ready behind William. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” he grumbled under his breath.

“I have had more than enough of you, Fylbrigge,” Woodhall growled, and took several steps forward. “It is insult enough that you have wrested my trade routes from me, you will not now call me a liar in my own estate. Be gone now, or I swear by all that is holy-—”

“Holy!? There is nothing holy in what you are doing!” William would not allow him to change the subject. “Three burnings of innocent women are not enough for you, that you must seek a fourth?”

“Confessions!” Woodhall hissed.

“Coerced!” William countered.

The hunters circled in closely. Sean spun on his heel, taking a defensive back-to-back position behind William. “I’m on your back, but we won’t last long in this room, ”Sean whispered, keeping his eyes on the hunters while mentally planning their escape route.

About the Author
Lorrieann Russell has written three books (so far) chronicling the life and times of William Fylbrigge: By Right of Blood, My Brother’s Keeper, and In the Wake of Ashes. She has also published several short stories, and has been a featured guest on Edin Road Radio. She is an accomplished artist, illustrator, photographer and designer. A native New Englander, she spends much of her time in the mountains of New Hampshire, hiking and taking pictures of the landscape.

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