Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Day in History February 10, 1991

I actually recognized this girl when I was looking up today's feature, and once I read about her relationship to Julia Roberts, I knew where I had seen her.  I remember the 2007 film Nancy Drew, and I remember that I really liked her.  I had no idea that she had gone on to have a fabulous career.  It was on this date in 1991, that Emma Roberts was born.  She is 22 today, and I would say her future looks bright.  She is the niece of Julia Roberts, and she grew up on the film sets of her many of aunt's films.  Her mom pushed for her to have a normal childhood, but it was not to be.  Her first film for which she auditioned was her first film in which she appeared--Blow in 2001.  In 2004, she became a teen idol in the Nicklelodeon series Unfabulous.  It ran for three seasons.

She went on to star in many films including Valentine's Day with her aunt.  Evidently, she is scheduled to star in a pilot for Fox called Delirium based on Lauren Olivier's novels.  She has had a sort of music career due to her Nicklelodeon career, but her focus is movies and acting.  She did attend college for a time, but she decided that she would rather defer her college career.  I would say that she has a very bright future, and I may just have to check out that upcoming series.  I may be the only one in my household who would like it, but that's fine with me!

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  1. Sometimes it seems that everyone in Hollywood is related. Its cool to see the connections though.


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