Monday, January 2, 2012

I Am the Blogger of the Week At Simply Stacie!

I know I don't normally tell you to go an enter giveaways at other blogs--I often don't have the time.  But this is something special.

Head over to Simply Stacie's giveaway page this week because I am the blogger of the week!  Okay, here's the story behind that.  When I looked at the blog that had given me the most referrals last year, it was definitely hers.  I was shocked because it was not like I had entered that many giveaways in her giveaway linky last year, but I figured I would try some advertising with her.

And so I signed up for her blogger of the week program.  All that really means is that for the next week, following me on twitter (@ruthhill74) will give you additional entries into her giveaways.  I figure that my blog readers should know about this because most of you already follow me on twitter anyway.

So be sure to enter her giveaways this week!  I already entered one, and it was something to see my twitter account in her giveaway!  It is my first time doing any paid advertising, and if all goes well, I may even look into advertising on other blogs.  I guess I am truly going to another level in the blogosphere!

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