Thursday, January 5, 2012

This Day in History January 6, 1955

Well, I would not know about today's featured person if it were not for Martin, my friend from England.  He introduced me to the work of Rowan Atikinson (who was born on this date in 1955) a few years back through the shows of Black Adder.  I will tell you right now that if you enjoy British humor that sometimes is slightly off-color, you would like his shows.  In fact, some of you may find it hard to believe that those shows also featured a well-known actor in this country--Hugh Laurie of Dr. House fame.

Atkinson has had a long string of successes in the UK in both television and film.  In addition to Black Adder, he has appeared on Top Gear where he actually set a record for the kind of car he drove (he loves fast cars).  He has also portrayed Mr. Bean in a couple films, but he also was the voice of Zasu in Disney's Lion King (this was news to me!).

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  1. You always find the most interesting things to feature on your history posts! I will have to skip looking into this actor because I don't care for that type of humor, though you did almost sway me with the enticement of Hugh Laurie! ;-)

  2. Mr Bean ! Mr Bean ! Haha. Me and my little brother never get tired watching Mr Bean on Disney Channel. Have you watched Johnny English? :)). The whole movie is funny !!

  3. He was also very funny in the movie Rat Race (2001). It's a big ensemble cast including Breckin Meyer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Seth Green, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Lovitz, Kathy Najimy, John Cleese, and more. I highly recommend seeing it if you never have.


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