Monday, April 9, 2012

Meal Plan Monday (4/9-4/15)

If the drama and domestic issues within my "family" could ever stop, I would be more than willing to post these meal plans on a regular basis like I used to!  But I have a few moments, so I am creating a meal plan.  I am using a great facebook group to plan the meals:  We Love Food.  I don't even remember joining the group, but I am a member, and there are some very interesting recipes.

Meal 1:

Baked Coconut Spiced Chicken

Meal 2:
Pizza Puffy
I will probably make the traditional one and serve with salad.

Meal 3:  Chatpata Chana (Chickpea)Salad with Pineapple
I'll serve this with some kind of bread.  We have loads of it in our freezer!

Meal 4:
Chili Potatoes
I will serve this with some veggies and maybe some fried rice, like it says!

Extra meal:
Peanut Curry Dog
I will make a couple changes to this, I am sure.  Sounds really good!


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